Monday, 8 September 2014

Different methods of shipping the vehicles

Most of us have to ship the vehicles from one place to another because of many reasons such as transferring or re-allocating from one country to another or purchasing a car from anywhere in the world and have them shipped to the current place. But how is it possible? And whom we should contact for shipping? For example: if a customer wants to ship a car to Kenya then his question would be How to ship a Car to Kenya? Fortunately, there are many companies or agencies who are dealing with shipping the vehicle from one place to another.

These companies are the specialist in the vehicle export services and may provide the end to end service to their clients. Their services consist the following things:
  • Collect
  • Examine
  • Ship
  • Clear
  • Register
  • Deliver
To ship the vehicle from source to destination, these companies use the following methods:
  • Containerized Shipping:  This is the first method of shipping the vehicles. The height of these containers can be in between 20 FT to 40 FT that provide complete safety with the economical service. These containers have open but flat top and hence vehicles can be exposed to the external elements.
  • Roll-on/Roll-Off (RORO): Another method of shipping the vehicles is RORO. Vehicles are just driven into the specialized vessels and put down inside the deck of the ship. It can be much more expensive than the shipping through containers as the vehicles are not exposed to any external element and completely safe during shipping process.
  • Air Freight: Air Freight is another method of shipping the vehicles if there is a need of fastest transit but it can be the most expensive method of all. Hence, people generally do not opt this method.

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