Thursday, 1 January 2015

Ship Your Vehicle to Kenya with Professional Service

Shipping your vehicle from one place to another is made easy by taking the services from the freight and shipment companies. These companies offer a professional way to transport cars and other vehicles to the desired destination within the stipulated time frame and budget.  This is also a very convenient way as the shipping company is completely in charge of the entire process of shipping the vehicle safely. This makes it hassle free for you.

The process is simple and does not require any special knowledge on the part of the customer. Moreover, the service provider also informs and updates the clients about the complete process.  To ship to Kenya, it basically includes the following steps:

•    Car collection
•    Shipping
•    Clearing
•    Registration

In the first step, the private or commercial vehicle is collected by the shipment company on the day of shipment from your home or any other destination as pre-decided by you.  Many companies offer this service as the RoRo (roll on –roll off) and container method at highly competitive rates. 

Next, it is shipped to its destination. Some companies provide marine insurance for the entire duration of its transit. On arrival to its destination, the shipment is examined by the authorities. It is required to pay the necessary duties and taxes and get registered to drive through the country. On completion of the formalities, the vehicle can be collected from the company. The process usually completes within the day of its arrival.

So, it is a good idea to seek professional help to ship cars or other vehicles to Kenya.

Friday, 28 November 2014

How to import the cars to Uganda?

With the introduction of auto shipping companies, it is now possible to import, export or ship the vehicles from one place to another place of the globe. Thus, you can avail their services anytime whenever you find the need of them. Let’s say you wish to import cars to Uganda. Then, first of all you to get in touch with auto shipping company which can ship the cars to Uganda through Mombasa. It is because, Mombasa port is the central port through which vehicles can be shipped to South Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda.

With the proper search you can get the shipping services at the affordable price and also, you do no need to be present on the port if you find a reliable vendor. Moreover, given are the three steps which can explain the shipping process:

Before arriving the car to Mombasa

Before arriving the cars to the Mombasa port hand over your shipping and other documents to the vendor or the agent. After that, the agent will do the necessary work so that, the clearance can be done at the port and the cars get ready for the registration in Uganda.

Moving the Cars to Uganda

After clearance of the cars at the port, the next is - importing them to Uganda which can be done either by driving or with the aid of a car carrier system. Moreover, it takes only 24 hours to reach Uganda after leaving the port.

Registration Process in Uganda

As soon as the cars reach in Uganda, they will be processed through the customs where number plates will be issued to them. Moreover, pay the tax at Malaba or Busia Border in order to save the time. It is not only a quicker way but also, a cheaper way as compared to paying tax at Kampala.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How to Ship the Vehicles with the Marine Insurance

With the introduction of many shipping companies, it is now possible to ship vehicles from one region to other. Be it small or heavy vehicles, these shipping companies not only ship but also offer insurance to the vehicles which makes it simple and of course, safe to ship the vehicles. Thus, anyone can ship a vehicle to a respective place for example: ship a truck to Mombasa.

Moreover, these companies can provide dealer to dealer shipments and dealer to end user shipments. Following are some of the services that are taken place in order to ship a vehicle:

•    Collect
•    Inspect
•    Ship
•    Clear
•    Register
•    Deliver

In addition, vehicle condition reports, delivery status and sign off are also done by the shipping companies. There are basically two ways to ship vehicles which are given below:

• RoRo (Roll on Roll off) - In this method of shipping, the vehicle does not need to be measured and put under the deck of the ship. In this way, the vehicle always remains safe from the external elements while the shipping process is taking place.

• Containers- In this method of shipping, the shipped vehicles are carried by the big containers. The height of the vehicles can be from 20FT to 40FT which can be opened from the top. In this method, the vehicles need to be measured.

One can also go online in order to get effective and efficient shipping services.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Ship Your Vehicles to Kenya with Auto Kenya Ltd

Countries throughout Africa are quickly being classified as emerging markets and Kenya is no exception, primarily because of Kenya’s friendly fiscal and monetary policies, a stable governmental infrastructure, and an active market-based economy. Limited intervention from government entities in the economic workings of Kenya has drawn many companies to the region and caused Kenya to be a playground for business entities looking to maximize profits. Such fiscal activity has made Kenya not only a major trade and shipping hub, but also a primary center of communications in East Africa. As such, companies operating in the region use Kenya’s shipping infrastructure to bring in the vehicles and transportation necessary to remain mobile in the region. This is where companies like Auto Kenya Ltd. come into the equation, coordinating the logistics and making it possible for companies to ship their vehicles to Kenya.

Auto Kenya Ltd handles multiple facets of shipping and thus, vehicles can now Ship to Kenya. The company provides detailed information of the requirements of shipping to Kenya, including age limits of vehicles, inspection requirements, and vehicle origin requirements. Information includes overviews for new residents and returning residents, and the differences in required documentation and duty exemptions and requirements between the two, as well as exemption overviews for vehicles used by the United Nations or other diplomatic agencies.

The company offers numerous methods of shipping to potential clients. Whether you’re looking for Roll on Roll off vehicle services, or full pick up and QISJ/Jevic Inspection services, Auto Kenya can also provide full-service containerized vehicle shipping through the ports in Mombasa, Kenya. In addition to passenger vehicles, Auto Kenya is able to provide logistics and transport for trucks, trailer stacks, and tractor units, whether via container or on flat racks. Vehicles and large equipment are not the only purview of Auto Kenya’s shipping programs to Kenya. Large farming and agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and commercial and mass transportation vehicles are all within Auto Kenya’s logistical capacity.

The company is able to arrange for pickup and delivery of your vehicle from your premises to either a port of call or to Auto Kenya’s facilities. While in transit, professionals will handle your vehicle and your vehicle will remain insured and secure. Additionally, the company offers marine insurance to your property while it is being shipped to Kenya. Once your property arrives to Mombasa, Auto Kenya offers efficient and budget-friendly vehicle clearance services at port. All of these services are part of a complete Dealer-to-Dealer supply chain logistic support model that places Auto Kenya as a premier service provider in the vehicle shipping business. The company’s inspection and delivery infrastructure also allows Auto Kenya to support dealers in direct order fulfillment for Dealer to End User purchases.

Professional, capable, and experienced, Kenya Auto Ltd. provides numerous solutions for shipping vehicles throughout Africa through the ports of Mombasa, Kenya.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Trailing Shipping to Kenya: Make it Possible with Shipping Company

The biggest challenge that comes in the life of the individual is that when he has to shift to the new place and he thinks about how to ship his vehicle. Mainly people drop the idea of taking vehicle with them to the other country as earlier it was not possible, but now it is possible. You can easily ship vehicle from one place to the other and even nationwide. Trailing Shipping to Kenya has become very much easy as there are so many companies which put forward an option of this type of shipping. Not only this, they also offer shipping of the following:
  • Shipping Agricultural Equipment
  • Shipping Boats
  • Shipping Buses
  • Shipping Cranes
  • Shipping Earth Moving Equipment
  • Shipping Farm Tractors to Mombasa
  • Shipping Non wheeled Cargo Handled on Roll Trailers
  • Shipping Road Building Machinery
  • Shipping Train Carriages
Shipping to cross country can become so much easy and with multiple options of shipping like car, boats and even helicopters. You just need to complete all the formalities of shipping across the countries. There are so many legal formalities that are required to be fulfilled before shipping any vehicle. In case of cars, there is a need of clearance without which you cannot ship your vehicle to other country. It is the responsibility of shipping companies to take care of all these things., they even take care of all the things from the time you call them for getting the quotes to the time it is delivered.

Different methods of shipping the vehicles

Most of us have to ship the vehicles from one place to another because of many reasons such as transferring or re-allocating from one country to another or purchasing a car from anywhere in the world and have them shipped to the current place. But how is it possible? And whom we should contact for shipping? For example: if a customer wants to ship a car to Kenya then his question would be How to ship a Car to Kenya? Fortunately, there are many companies or agencies who are dealing with shipping the vehicle from one place to another.

These companies are the specialist in the vehicle export services and may provide the end to end service to their clients. Their services consist the following things:
  • Collect
  • Examine
  • Ship
  • Clear
  • Register
  • Deliver
To ship the vehicle from source to destination, these companies use the following methods:
  • Containerized Shipping:  This is the first method of shipping the vehicles. The height of these containers can be in between 20 FT to 40 FT that provide complete safety with the economical service. These containers have open but flat top and hence vehicles can be exposed to the external elements.
  • Roll-on/Roll-Off (RORO): Another method of shipping the vehicles is RORO. Vehicles are just driven into the specialized vessels and put down inside the deck of the ship. It can be much more expensive than the shipping through containers as the vehicles are not exposed to any external element and completely safe during shipping process.
  • Air Freight: Air Freight is another method of shipping the vehicles if there is a need of fastest transit but it can be the most expensive method of all. Hence, people generally do not opt this method.

Find Out One of the Best Clearing Companies in Mombasa
If you are planning to ship your car from the UK to Mombasa because you are shifting to this place, then you have to fulfill few formalities before that. Car shipping companies have provided ease to the people as one can also ship their vehicles along with other stuff without causing any damage to your vehicle. Although the idea is good, but you have to go through few steps which are essential for the clearance of car. These are:

  • Collect
  • Inspect
  • Ship
  • Clear
  • Register
  • Deliver

Some of the Clearing Companies in Mombasa are reputed for offer this clearance services in an efficient manner and that too in a cost-effective way with absolute integrity. These companies put forward end to end solution which facilitates pick up, inspect vehicles in the UK, ship the car, clear them and deliver it to you. They have a complete team in Mombasa which is highly equipped and has great experience in clearing motor vehicles in Mombasa-facilitating to ensure that their customers can clear their vehicles without any hassle and at highly realistic prices. 

These vehicle clearance companies not only offer vehicle clearance service, but also serve other needs of the people by:

  • Duty Free Vehicle Clearance
  • Motor Vehicle Transportation on Car Transporters
  • Vehicle Clearance and Registration
  • Vehicle Insurance Services
  • Vehicle Tracker Installation

It is not just the cars for which you can avail this shipping service. Some reputable companies offer shipping of different types of transportation means like trucks, bulldozers, helicopters and many more.

Make Your Shifting Successful With Car Shipping to Mombasa

Very few people are aware of the fact that in the present time, there is an option of shipping your car if you are shifting from UK to Kenya. I think most of you will get surprised to know that because we have seen people selling their automobiles when they shift to some other country. The concept has changed due to introduction of Car Shipping to Mombasa. It is not just the car that you can ship, there is an option of shipping trucks, bulldozers and other heavy weight vehicles.
The process involve in the shipping is quite big, but you just have to select the right shipping company and provide them all legal documents. Rest of the work is something that they perform with their knowledge and experience. They arrange everything that is essential for exporting car to Kenya. 
There are two options of shipping automobiles to Kenya:
  1. RoRo (Roll On Roll Off): In this method, purpose built ships are involved that are specifically designed to take vehicles under deck. This is the customer preferred method.
  2. Containerised Flat Rack Shipping: The other option in which Containerised shipping is offered for tractor units only.
The most important thing is that you have to compare the rates of shipping of different companies and choose the one which is highly competitive. Some of them have low cost set up and high volume that makes them offer highly competitive prices. Make sure that your decision is absolutely correct. Read the reviews in cae you have any confusion.

Import And Export The Truck By Shipping Process

Sometimes, people usually wish to travel from one place to another. It is not a complicated task. However, there are many people especially businessmen who want to transfer their material from country to another. Let’s take an example of a businessman whose business is to make trucks and he exports the trucks to another country, let’s say Truck Shipping to Kenya.

There are many companies and agencies which are dealing with the shipping process. They are providing very good service in terms of service, as this is the thing on which any company focuses. Apart from this thing, a customer or a client normally looks for the following things:
  • Every customer wants the service which he can afford and which can be under his budget. In this case, a company can provide a service to the clients by giving them attractive discounts.
  • Every client wants his work to be done under good and satisfied manner. A company can expand its business by creating a good relationship with the clients.
  • Assurance and guarantee of a work to get done is the last and the most important thing for a shipping company to build a relationship with the client.

There are two ways to ship the vehicles:
  • RoRo- It is an abbreviated form of Roll on Roll off. These are ships which are used to carry the vehicles under the deck and not exposed to other external elements.
  • Containers- There is one more method to carry the vehicles i.e. by containers. These containers can be of 20 FT or 40 FT. Vehicles are put in these open top flat containers to prevent them from any movement during transit.

Calculate Import Duty And Tax With Kenya Car Duty Calculator

Have you decided that you want to take your car with you while shifting to other country? Do you really think that it is possible? I think you all must be bit worries because you actually think that there is no way out existing through which you can take your vehicle with you. You are wrong here as there are so many companies out there which aim at providing importation services. These are special services in which they arrange your car, ship it properly and deliver it to you where you have been shifted. It seems to be easy, but not actually that much easy process as there are lots of formalities required. 

If you are shipping your vehicle to Kenya, then you must know about the import duty and tax that will be charged to you for importations. For Kenya Car Duty Calculator, you can visit the website offering importation service, where they provide you with the tool through which you can calculate the import duty simply by putting the vehicle type, vehicle make, vehicle model, engine size, vehicle first date of registration, ship arrival date and after that you just have to click on the calculate duty. 

This tool will get you with figures which is the amount that will be the import duty and tax with which you will be charged for your vehicle. Companies offering this shipping service charge you genuine along with this duty as they just aim to provide you best of the best. Go for it now!!!