Monday, 8 September 2014

Calculate Import Duty And Tax With Kenya Car Duty Calculator

Have you decided that you want to take your car with you while shifting to other country? Do you really think that it is possible? I think you all must be bit worries because you actually think that there is no way out existing through which you can take your vehicle with you. You are wrong here as there are so many companies out there which aim at providing importation services. These are special services in which they arrange your car, ship it properly and deliver it to you where you have been shifted. It seems to be easy, but not actually that much easy process as there are lots of formalities required. 

If you are shipping your vehicle to Kenya, then you must know about the import duty and tax that will be charged to you for importations. For Kenya Car Duty Calculator, you can visit the website offering importation service, where they provide you with the tool through which you can calculate the import duty simply by putting the vehicle type, vehicle make, vehicle model, engine size, vehicle first date of registration, ship arrival date and after that you just have to click on the calculate duty. 

This tool will get you with figures which is the amount that will be the import duty and tax with which you will be charged for your vehicle. Companies offering this shipping service charge you genuine along with this duty as they just aim to provide you best of the best. Go for it now!!!

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