Monday, 8 September 2014

Import And Export The Truck By Shipping Process

Sometimes, people usually wish to travel from one place to another. It is not a complicated task. However, there are many people especially businessmen who want to transfer their material from country to another. Let’s take an example of a businessman whose business is to make trucks and he exports the trucks to another country, let’s say Truck Shipping to Kenya.

There are many companies and agencies which are dealing with the shipping process. They are providing very good service in terms of service, as this is the thing on which any company focuses. Apart from this thing, a customer or a client normally looks for the following things:
  • Every customer wants the service which he can afford and which can be under his budget. In this case, a company can provide a service to the clients by giving them attractive discounts.
  • Every client wants his work to be done under good and satisfied manner. A company can expand its business by creating a good relationship with the clients.
  • Assurance and guarantee of a work to get done is the last and the most important thing for a shipping company to build a relationship with the client.

There are two ways to ship the vehicles:
  • RoRo- It is an abbreviated form of Roll on Roll off. These are ships which are used to carry the vehicles under the deck and not exposed to other external elements.
  • Containers- There is one more method to carry the vehicles i.e. by containers. These containers can be of 20 FT or 40 FT. Vehicles are put in these open top flat containers to prevent them from any movement during transit.

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