Monday, 8 September 2014

Make Your Shifting Successful With Car Shipping to Mombasa

Very few people are aware of the fact that in the present time, there is an option of shipping your car if you are shifting from UK to Kenya. I think most of you will get surprised to know that because we have seen people selling their automobiles when they shift to some other country. The concept has changed due to introduction of Car Shipping to Mombasa. It is not just the car that you can ship, there is an option of shipping trucks, bulldozers and other heavy weight vehicles.
The process involve in the shipping is quite big, but you just have to select the right shipping company and provide them all legal documents. Rest of the work is something that they perform with their knowledge and experience. They arrange everything that is essential for exporting car to Kenya. 
There are two options of shipping automobiles to Kenya:
  1. RoRo (Roll On Roll Off): In this method, purpose built ships are involved that are specifically designed to take vehicles under deck. This is the customer preferred method.
  2. Containerised Flat Rack Shipping: The other option in which Containerised shipping is offered for tractor units only.
The most important thing is that you have to compare the rates of shipping of different companies and choose the one which is highly competitive. Some of them have low cost set up and high volume that makes them offer highly competitive prices. Make sure that your decision is absolutely correct. Read the reviews in cae you have any confusion.

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