Thursday, 2 October 2014

Ship Your Vehicles to Kenya with Auto Kenya Ltd

Countries throughout Africa are quickly being classified as emerging markets and Kenya is no exception, primarily because of Kenya’s friendly fiscal and monetary policies, a stable governmental infrastructure, and an active market-based economy. Limited intervention from government entities in the economic workings of Kenya has drawn many companies to the region and caused Kenya to be a playground for business entities looking to maximize profits. Such fiscal activity has made Kenya not only a major trade and shipping hub, but also a primary center of communications in East Africa. As such, companies operating in the region use Kenya’s shipping infrastructure to bring in the vehicles and transportation necessary to remain mobile in the region. This is where companies like Auto Kenya Ltd. come into the equation, coordinating the logistics and making it possible for companies to ship their vehicles to Kenya.

Auto Kenya Ltd handles multiple facets of shipping and thus, vehicles can now Ship to Kenya. The company provides detailed information of the requirements of shipping to Kenya, including age limits of vehicles, inspection requirements, and vehicle origin requirements. Information includes overviews for new residents and returning residents, and the differences in required documentation and duty exemptions and requirements between the two, as well as exemption overviews for vehicles used by the United Nations or other diplomatic agencies.

The company offers numerous methods of shipping to potential clients. Whether you’re looking for Roll on Roll off vehicle services, or full pick up and QISJ/Jevic Inspection services, Auto Kenya can also provide full-service containerized vehicle shipping through the ports in Mombasa, Kenya. In addition to passenger vehicles, Auto Kenya is able to provide logistics and transport for trucks, trailer stacks, and tractor units, whether via container or on flat racks. Vehicles and large equipment are not the only purview of Auto Kenya’s shipping programs to Kenya. Large farming and agricultural equipment, construction equipment, and commercial and mass transportation vehicles are all within Auto Kenya’s logistical capacity.

The company is able to arrange for pickup and delivery of your vehicle from your premises to either a port of call or to Auto Kenya’s facilities. While in transit, professionals will handle your vehicle and your vehicle will remain insured and secure. Additionally, the company offers marine insurance to your property while it is being shipped to Kenya. Once your property arrives to Mombasa, Auto Kenya offers efficient and budget-friendly vehicle clearance services at port. All of these services are part of a complete Dealer-to-Dealer supply chain logistic support model that places Auto Kenya as a premier service provider in the vehicle shipping business. The company’s inspection and delivery infrastructure also allows Auto Kenya to support dealers in direct order fulfillment for Dealer to End User purchases.

Professional, capable, and experienced, Kenya Auto Ltd. provides numerous solutions for shipping vehicles throughout Africa through the ports of Mombasa, Kenya.

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