Wednesday, 29 October 2014

How to Ship the Vehicles with the Marine Insurance

With the introduction of many shipping companies, it is now possible to ship vehicles from one region to other. Be it small or heavy vehicles, these shipping companies not only ship but also offer insurance to the vehicles which makes it simple and of course, safe to ship the vehicles. Thus, anyone can ship a vehicle to a respective place for example: ship a truck to Mombasa.

Moreover, these companies can provide dealer to dealer shipments and dealer to end user shipments. Following are some of the services that are taken place in order to ship a vehicle:

•    Collect
•    Inspect
•    Ship
•    Clear
•    Register
•    Deliver

In addition, vehicle condition reports, delivery status and sign off are also done by the shipping companies. There are basically two ways to ship vehicles which are given below:

• RoRo (Roll on Roll off) - In this method of shipping, the vehicle does not need to be measured and put under the deck of the ship. In this way, the vehicle always remains safe from the external elements while the shipping process is taking place.

• Containers- In this method of shipping, the shipped vehicles are carried by the big containers. The height of the vehicles can be from 20FT to 40FT which can be opened from the top. In this method, the vehicles need to be measured.

One can also go online in order to get effective and efficient shipping services.

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