Friday, 28 November 2014

How to import the cars to Uganda?

With the introduction of auto shipping companies, it is now possible to import, export or ship the vehicles from one place to another place of the globe. Thus, you can avail their services anytime whenever you find the need of them. Let’s say you wish to import cars to Uganda. Then, first of all you to get in touch with auto shipping company which can ship the cars to Uganda through Mombasa. It is because, Mombasa port is the central port through which vehicles can be shipped to South Sudan, Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda.

With the proper search you can get the shipping services at the affordable price and also, you do no need to be present on the port if you find a reliable vendor. Moreover, given are the three steps which can explain the shipping process:

Before arriving the car to Mombasa

Before arriving the cars to the Mombasa port hand over your shipping and other documents to the vendor or the agent. After that, the agent will do the necessary work so that, the clearance can be done at the port and the cars get ready for the registration in Uganda.

Moving the Cars to Uganda

After clearance of the cars at the port, the next is - importing them to Uganda which can be done either by driving or with the aid of a car carrier system. Moreover, it takes only 24 hours to reach Uganda after leaving the port.

Registration Process in Uganda

As soon as the cars reach in Uganda, they will be processed through the customs where number plates will be issued to them. Moreover, pay the tax at Malaba or Busia Border in order to save the time. It is not only a quicker way but also, a cheaper way as compared to paying tax at Kampala.

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